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Mae govannen! Shining Evenstar has been completely updated and I check back here about 4-5 times a day. Please send me any feedback on SE so I can continue to make your stay perfect!

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or just want to say hello, you can message Amatria. I hope you enjoy your stay.


6/13/06 Hello everyone! SE has officially gotten back into full swing. Veterans of this site wil notice that the Buttons and Banners pages are gone. They're under the Site page, as well as the info of the site that used to be on the side of this page. We have one new nominee for the awards! Some new affiliates are on the page, and you can now vote for my site! So please do so if you wish! Oh yes, and we also have one new caption! I really missed SE and I'm doing everything I can to make this place better to make up for lost time. Thanks. I'm limited to what I can do at this particular moment in time. I'm on a school computer so I can't nominate because I can't use email. But that will definitely happen when I get home. Also take notice that the Adoptable page was removed and I added a new page about the LotR Musical. Please keep checking back for more updates!

~Lady Amatria~

6/12/06 I can't believe it's been so long since I've been here. You wouldn't believe how hectic someone's life can become and then suddenly, it becomes calm and you finally have time to do the things you want. Well, I want to fix up SE and get back to business. Please keep checking in every few days or so to see what's been going on. Since I will be updating this over the next 2 weeks on 3 different computers, construction may take some time. Please bear with me.
EDIT: Here's a list of everything that was updated.
*On the homepage, all affiliates were updated. No more missing pictures of affies that no longer exist.
*A new caption contest has been started.
*I have posted 2 awards SE won before I went MIA.
*The Nomination page has been updated. Please nominate your sites!
*New page to tell you about the LotR Musical!
*Also, a new layout!

~Lady Amatria~

4/22/05 To everyone who was or still is faithful to my site, in hopes I would return, hannon le. I've come back and renovations are under way. It will take about a week for me to get this ste back on its feet, but I'm determined. I will be judging the niminees finally, along with the caption contest, making awards, new layouts, adding things to where ever seems appropriate, and nominating myself once again. Hannon le for your patience.
~Lady Amatria~

UPDATES 1/2/04 New nominee, thanks Native Arwen! Also, two new awards! ^.^ I also changed the song that plays on the front page from "May It Be" to "Into The West." And I'm sad to say that I will be updating a little less frequently now. There's a lot going on for me until May, but I will certianly update as much as I am able. And I am most certianly not giving up on nominations/captions or the site in its entirety. So please keep visiting! ^.^ Namarie mellons! 
UPDATE 12/29/04 Christmas holidays took up a lot of my time and I'm sorry for another abscence. Two new nominees a new caption contest! I encourage everyone to send in a caption! ^_^ I've also added 11 avatars to the Parody section for the fact that they're funny. In the Media section there are two more songs added. Namarie.
UPDATES 12/5/04 I am SO sorry for such a long abscence. I am back and I will be trying to update everything tonight. There really is no excuse for forgetting this site, but I'm back and I plan to stay. *sigh* So very sorry. By the way, the caption has closed today. ^_^ Namarie. Um, very sorry again...but my adobe wont work tonight so I will have to make the Caption awards tomorrow. :( Thanks for your patience!
UPDATES 11/14/04 Alright, the awards are posted! Please pick them up and remember to save them on your own servers! I'll be taking them off my server on December 5th. :) One new avatar! Namarie!
UPDATES 11/13/04 I'm back! And ready to work! New blog for the updates! Yay! And Round 2 is OVER! Awards will be posted by tomorrow evening. And caption contest round 1 will end Wednesday. Also, we won an award! Thank you to Sapphire who awarded me with Most Dedicated Webmiss award! I'm going to make an old updates page soon, but that'll mean I'll be taking down some of the pages that I don't think are very useful. And if anyone's award that I gave them last round is not showing up, please let me know and I will remake it for you because I already got one complaint that it wasn't showing up and I had to explain that I had warned to save them on your own servers...Well, namarie!
UPDATES 11/9/04 Suilad! No nominees today, but I added some more avatars! I'm hoping to end the caption contest soon. :D Please send some in? lol And New Layout! Also, I want everyone to know that I'll be gone on a trip from tomorrow until Saturday, but I'll be back Saturday. So if anyone nominates while I'm away, it's not that I'm not putting you up, it's just that I'm not here to do it. By the way, the round is ending soon so please make sure you DO nominate. I will release a final date when I return. Hannon le!
UPDATES 11/8/04 Suilad! More nominees! :) And I'm nominating at a new site myself. I'm liking the response I'm getting this round! :) Namarie!
UPDATES 11/7/04 Mae govannen! Another new nominee! Also, please nominate at the Grey Havens awards at! And if anyone is finding that their award is not showing up, it's because you didn't save them to your own server like I requested on the 30th. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO ANY UPDATES! You may not think they're important, but they ARE! I'm thinking about starting a newsletter I'll send out occasionally. Alright, namarie!
 UPDATES 11/4/04 Mae govannen. Fixed a few things and got my sister site link up. I'll be adding more links soon. Added two more nominees. I'll be busy all weekend, but dont think I've forgotten about you all. I haven't! Belain na le!
UPDATES 10/30/04 Stupid tripod wouldn't let me in. Sorry I haven't been able to update. I'm having a secret war with Tripod...Anyway, 3 awards were given to Shining Evenstar! Thank you LegolasGreenleaf! And because I am so disorganized, I can't recall where I got the other award! I will link back and give credit whenever I can find that site again. Also, please send in your captions! I'm changing the date to when I end it. It'll be towards the middle of November so PLEASE send them in! Also, I'm taking the awards down by Monday night so please make sure they're saved on your own severs! Namarie!
UPDATES 10/24/04 Sorry everyone, I haven't been home all weekend so I haven't been able to update. And unfortunately I wont be able to update tonight either because I have to leave to go somewhere right now. I just want everyone to know I'm going to be back tomorrow evening to work!!!
 IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE WEBMISS I found a typo in the new wallpaper I made today, so I recommend you not use it. However, you can if you want...and you can get an idea of what it'll look like.
UPDATES 10/21/04 Mae govannen! I made a new wallpaper today because I needed a layout change on my xanga. :) So that's now up on the Media page. For all of you are looking for it (because some of you still get lost) wallpapers, avatars, music, and sound clips are all on the same page. "Media." Namarie!
UPDATES 10/20/04 HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIGGO MORTENSEN!!! :) I added some new avatars, but I didn't make them they were of the Evenstar (the basic theme of the site) so I had to add them. They're from Added a couple more things to the "You Know You've Had to Much LotR When..." list. :) As for anything else, I basically haven't done anything. I feel so...lazy. Ha ha ha. I'll ty to fix that. I'm still sick so I have energy at all. Well, thanks to NA and Sapphire for posting comments. Namarie!
UPDATES 10/19/04 Well everyone, I'm back! How lucky are you? Ha ha ha. Anyway, nominated at another awards site, and a new affiliate, Native Arwen's new site. Thank you Native Arwen and Sapphire for the well wishes. It was very kind of you. Funny how you two are the only ones who get thanks everyday. lol I made a new button today as well. :) Namarie!
IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE WEBMISS: I'm very sorry everyone, but I'm feeling horribly sick and I think I'll be taking a short break from this site. I'll still answer emails though. Thank you.
UPDATES 10/17/04 Mae govannen! Sorry I didn't update yesterday. I was sick. :( Thank you Native Arwen and Sapphire for commenting within the last 2 days. lol I haven't found anything I really want to work on right now. So I'll be making banners/link buttons for anyone. Namarie!
UPDATES 10/15/04 Suilad! I've made 2 new banners! (Not to be outdone by Sapphire who made us the first banner...Thank you Sapphire!) Also I made a new button and 3 new avatars have been added to the Media page. I'm not feeling well today, so that might be all I do for today. Namarie!
UPDATES 10/14/04 Mae govannen. Fixed some codeing so hopefully I wont get anymore emails about stealing bandwidth...I added 2 new pages. The facts page is up and I finally got the character page up. :) Thank you Native Arwen and Sapphire for leaving comments today. :) Also, more thanks going out to Sapphire for a banner and a new button! :)
UPDATES 10/13/04 Suilad everyone! I've made a new page. The Adoptable page is now up. I'm very sorry that many of them are plain, but I'm not skilled with Adobe 4.0...Sorry. lol I put up more links so everyone is happy. lol Thank you to Native Arwen, Sapphire, Tigerlily, ScarletTears, and Angel for commenting within the last 2 days. Also, special thanks going out to Sapphire for the new button. Hannon le! And ScarletTears for entering the caption contest! Also, if anyone wants to know what I'll be working on next, check under New Projects just right of this blog. I update projects frequently. Hannon le. Namarie! P.S. Those of you who won awards...please save them to your own server by November 18th! Email me if there is a problem. I will be sending emails to those who won awards so everyone is made aware that I will be taking them down. I will not have them saved so ask for a copy of the code by the 18th of November should you need one.
UPDATES 10/12/04 Mae govannen! I changed a lot on the homepage today. The most important though, I think is obvious...The whole layout in general. :) More links, plus this new blog. I want to thank all those who have sent in nominations already for round 2. Some new names :) My next project is too work on more buttons. Please be patient, I'm not skilled at these things! Namarie!

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